Digging deep into the roots of Indian wear, we see the major presence of kurtas as a daily comfort wear!

Since it originated in India, it’s only right to say that kurtas have been the essence of the Indian wear and specifically men’s wear. Started as a common wear, kurta has an exciting tale of evolution. From a day to day wear to wearing it on special occasions; adorned by movie stars to high profile fashionistas, kurta has been on an evolving journey and has seen it all.

Though it may seem that the trend of western wear has overshadowed the kurtas, we could be wrong about it. Kurta may not still be an everyday wear for people in metro cities but still has a strong hold to the Indian roots and values. For any important occasion, be it family functions or religious ceremonies, kurta is the top choice in ethnic wear for Indian men. The aspect of comfort attached to it, makes it appropriate apparel for occasions where you need to look good and be at ease at the same time!

If given a thought, we realize that kurta is one of the most versatile apparels in a man’s wardrobe! With a number of variants in design and pattern, we have kurtas that complement every kind of occasion! This element of flamboyance attached with kurtas gives us a chance to carry different looks with the same apparel.

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Casual Outings

Let us take a look at a few relevant occasions for men where wearing a kurta can make you a stylish stud!

1. Casual Outings: It may not sound as an occasion but wearing a kurta occasionally on a casual outing can be really refreshing for your look. Moreover, it isn’t that difficult. When going casual make sure that kurta is plain, simple and far from any glitz! Pair it up with a pajama over a nice pair of jutis! If that is a little too much for you to carry, a pair of denim is the perfect buddy for your kurta!

2. Festivals: India, a country with an abundance of festivals, is the apt place to experiment your traditional look with kurtas! With much festivity around us, the best way to dress on such occasions is to go vibrant with colours! A neat pair of kurta pajamas over a sparky pair of jutis; wrapped over with a jacket can be the ideal festive look for men!

3. Friend’s Engagement: It’s a special day for your friend which is made even more special with your presence! So be at your best look to celebrate that day with all the enthusiasm, joy and comfort! Go in wearing a classic piece of kurta with intricate work flowing down its fabric! Vibrant in shade and imperial in looks; it would be apt to accessorize it with a dupatta that gets you in celebratory mood and a broach to add a touch of royalty!

4. Weddings: Indian weddings have an essence of togetherness, which means everyone bonds with family! With so much to do, it’s essential to be comfortable and look great! Thus, it would be right to say that kurta can be an ideal choice for men at weddings. An occasion of sheer glitz and glam, it would be appropriate to go all out with the fancy look! A pair of royal looking kurta pajamas with heavy embroidery and intricate work over a pair of similar jutis. Adding a safa to your look can get you to stand out among all and have the desired manly look you crave for! Feel free to work your look with accessories like mala, broach and kilangi; just remember to not over do it!

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