There is very little chance you won’t look stunning in Indian-wear, and there’s always more potential to look better. With Shayona stores fresh new selection of ethnic wear, like Designer Dresses and Silk Sarees, it helps to take a look at how you can rock that style and look your best! The advantage of Shayona Stores clothing is that they are not only fashionable, but they are also comfortable: best of both worlds!

1. Get the right fit

You can get a designer dress or a kurti in your size, but depending on the kind of fit, it can make you look completely different. For example, if you choose slim fit in your size, it can make you look an entire size smaller. However, depending on your body shape, a normal fit can look spunky and youthful.

Special Occasion Dresses For Women

2. Find the best material

It is always important to keep in mind that you do not want some cheap, stretchy looking fabric. The kind of fabric you want is something regal like silk, or something comfortable and chic like cotton.

With Shayona Stores, you never have to worry about bad fabric because all of their fabric is carefully chosen with the kind of clothing they make and the designs it would go with. A lot of thought has been put into how a certain item of ethnic wear would look with certain fabrics and how comfortable it has the potential to be, before it is made.

Silk Gowns for Women and Girls

3. Pairing

Whatever you wear, you want to pair it correctly. Say you have bought a pretty, sequined kurti. Now you have to think about the colour and what would go with it the best. Think about what would flatter your body the best as well, like cigarette pants or slim fit salwars. Usually you would be able to find a good match in the store you have bought it from, but you can always pair your new Indian wear with pre-existing ones.

4. Go with dark colours

Dark colours do more than just bring out a contrast. They help create the illusion of being slimmer. However, if you are more on the darker-toned skin side, then you should try brighter colours like emerald and peach.

Designer Party Wear Gowns

Wear your hair the right way

If you are going out to celebrate with your new outfit, then don’t get caught up in the hassle of styling your hair. On certain occasions, styling your hair is actually a good thing and the most preferred thing to do, like pinning it up in a flowery bun. But if you are simply looking to enjoy celebrating your culture in your new outfit, then it might help to let your hair down.

Wear the right shoes

This goes without saying, make sure you pair your awesome outfit with the best set of shoes you have!

For any and all of your Indian wear requirements, Shayona store has your back. Visit Shayona Store, or their online site to see their wide collection of Traditional Dresses, Designer Dresses, Silk Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Occasion Dresses, Gown Style Dresses and other Indian Ethnic Wear.

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